Processing Magazine

Two-story blast resistant modules available for lease fleet

October 2, 2009
The engineers at the company know that workplace safety is mandatory for all products the company custom designs, engineers and manufactures. They also know space is limited for blast-resistant buildings in many locations. The new two story blast-resistant module is the answer to limited safe space in the workplace. Designed and engineered to meet a number of applications, the modules features the company''s standard BRMs then stacks the second BRMs on top. The modules are available in the company''s standard leasing size, 8''x20'', 8''x40'' and 12'' x40'' floorplans. The new blast resistant module is engineered to meet or exceed API 753. According to the manufacture, only their BRMs have been field tested for a 5psi 500 psi-mec blast. The blast utilized a 1250+ high explosive ANFO charge at a standoff distance of 110 ft. The module survived without any structural damage. Setups are designed for ease of installation and teardown without welding on the job-site.