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Tyson Foods, Syntroleum to build United States’ first commercial synthetic fuels plant

June 25, 2007

Prime Newswire reports that Tyson Foods, Inc. and Syntroleum Corporation, a Tulsa-based synthetic fuels technology company, will announce the formation of Dynamic Fuels LLC, which will produce synthetic fuels targeting the renewable diesel, jet, and military fuel markets. The 50/50 venture intends to construct and operate multiple stand-alone commercial facilities capable of producing ultra-clean, high-quality, next generation renewable synthetic fuels using Syntroleum''s patented Biofining™ process—a “flexible feed/flexible synthetic fuels” technology. Feedstock primarily derived from animal fats, greases, and vegetable oils will be supplied by Tyson. The first facility will produce about 75 million gallons of synthetic fuel annually. Construction of this initial facility is expected to start in 2008 at a yet-to-be-determined site in the south central United States, with production targeted for 2010. The $150 million project will generate approximately 250 short-term construction jobs and 65 highly skilled permanent jobs.

Dynamic Fuels will leverage Syntroleum''s proprietary work done in producing synthetic fuel and developing synthetic fuel standards for the U.S. Air Force and the Department of Defense. The fuel produced by the venture will offer the same benefits of synthetic fuels derived from coal or natural gas while providing substantial advantages over petroleum-based fuels. These benefits include higher cetane levels, which are a measure of combustion quality; significantly lower Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and near zero sulfur. In addition, it will provide superior thermal stability, making it effective for advanced military applications.