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Tyson to donate $60,000 to watershed project

May 16, 2005

According to PRNewswire, Tyson Foods, Inc., has made a commitment to donate $60,000 to the Elk River Watershed Improvement Association (ERWIA), which serves parts of Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas. The money will help the non-profit group design an improvement and management plan for the entire basin, which drains 870 square miles in northeast Oklahoma, southwest Missouri and northwest Arkansas. Tyson Foods officials made the announcement at the Association''s Annual Earth Day Celebration and Water Festival. The Association has been working in cooperation with the U.S. Geological Survey, which is using gauges to measure water quality and quantity at five watershed locations. These mechanical devices help track nutrients, bacteria, sediments and pollutants. The information collected is being used by the Association to identify environmental problems in the basin and subsequently work cooperatively with point and non-point sources to implement ways to correct them.