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Ultrasonic sensors designed for use in sanitary procedures

April 20, 2009
The ultrasonic sensors are specifically designed for use in sanitary environments. The sensors are rated IP69K, IP67 (NEMA 6) and are constructed of heavy-duty 316-stainless steel. This allows them to withstand recurring high-pressure washdowns, severe temperatures and aggressive cleaning chemicals common in food and beverage applications. With a smooth barrel housing—free of threads, gaps or seams that could accumulate debris—the sensors allow for thorough cleanup with minimal effort. Additionally, IP68-rated washdown cordsets and FDA compliant brackets are available to further ensure reliable, long-lasting performance in the harshest environments. The sensors can be wired for either normal or high speed. Normal speed offers a longer sensing range, while high speed provides a shorter response time, ideal for high-speed counting applications. Ultrasonic Sensors deliver high-accuracy sensing in a wide range of demanding environments, including: presence detection of clear or colored containers during sanitizing; food process monitoring; position monitoring; and aseptic bottling in contained environments.