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Unit quickly reduces whole bales of natural, synthetic rubber

June 18, 2008
The VULCANATOR® KM30 quickly reduces whole bales of natural and synthetic rubber to small bits with a unique low friction cutting design. This powerful unit is able to dramatically cut processing time resulting in substantial cost savings. The 150 HP Model KM30 is capable of processing larger and heavier bales up to six times faster than previous units. It features a larger throat and more powerful cutting than prior models. The unit’s advanced design minimizes heat rise and eliminates the need for expensive cooling systems. A split clam shell configuration allows for easy maintenance of cutters and screens. The VULCANATOR is built for heavy duty operation. The housing is constructed of heavy steel with a high level of precision incorporated into every component. An auxiliary fly wheel helps this unit rip through even the toughest bales. Optional features include: an automatic controller, and infeed and discharge conveying system, a pneumatic evacuation system and partitioning agent feed system.