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United Kingdom firm takes 11 percent stake in Ashland

September 14, 2007

Barclays Global Investors NA and affiliated entities have acquired almost 11 percent of Ashland Inc.''s common stock, according to a filing Monday with the Securities and Exchange Commission. According to, the United Kingdom-based investment bank said it owns 6.8 million Ashland shares, or 10.9 percent of the company''s 62 million shares outstanding. The filing, signed by Barclays principal Jeff Medeiros, said the shares were acquired in the ordinary course of business and are not being held for the purpose of changing or influencing the control of the Covington-based supplier of chemicals and lubricants. Other major holders of Ashland shares include Goldman Sachs Asset Management LP, which reported a 7.7 percent stake as of February, and Boston-based State Street Bank & Trust Co., which owned 6.2 percent as of May.