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US Water Partnership launched

March 27, 2012

WASHINGTON — In a speech commemorating World Water Day on March 22, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton launched a new partnership to improve water security.

The U.S. Water Partnership (USWP) is a public-private partnership that seeks to mobilize U.S.-based knowledge, expertise and resources to improve water security around the world — particularly in those countries most in need.

Secretary Clinton was joined by Representative Earl Blumenauer in welcoming representatives of 18 USWP members, including Africare, the Coca-Cola Compansy, Procter & Gamble, the Nature Conservancy, Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Motor Company, Skoll Global Threats Fund, the Water Institute at the University of North Carolina, World Resources Institute, Global Environment & Technology Foundation, Global Water Challenge and Clean Water America Alliance.

“We believe this Water Partnership will help map out our route to a more water secure world: a world where no one dies from water-related diseases; where water does not impede social or economic development; and where no war is ever fought over water,” Secretary Clinton said.