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V-Cone Flowmeter Improves Efficiency in Gas Lift Applications

October 4, 2010

The V-Cone Flowmeter features a wide turndown, small footprint and virtually no maintenance, which reduces total installed costs and operating lifecycle costs while improving crude oil production efficiency, according to the manufacturer. Gas lift systems employed for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) increase crude oil production by injecting gas into the well bore casing to reduce the density of the oil being produced. The injected gas mixes with the oil in the casing and the low reservoir pressure in the formation is then sufficient to allow production without the need for pumps. Through EOR techniques such as gas lift, oil producers can increase recoverable reserves from 10 to 40 percent to 30 to 60 percent. The flowmeter features an accuracy of ±0.5-percent of rate and repeatability of ±0.1-percent ensuring accurate measurement and control of the injected media. The V-Cone flowmeter conforms to the American Petroleum Institute’s API 22.2 Testing Protocol for Differential Pressure Flow Measurement Devices as well as other international certifications such as Measurement Canada and Brazilian INMETRO when allocation and even custody transfer measurements are required.