Processing Magazine

Vacuum-controlled pumps provide a sanitary choice for pumping large solids

October 5, 2009

The vacuum-controlled metal pumps feature the design parameters necessary for sanitary applications where the passing of large solids is needed, along with the absence of media degradation. The pumps are ideal for these operations because they do not employ an air motor, but, rather, utilize a vacuum generator to draw the product into the wetted housing. Filtered compressed air is then used to push the product out of the wetted housing and downstream of the pump. This design capability, which requires the need of very little liquid, makes the pumps the choice for sanitary applications as diverse as the delicate handling of whole strawberries and prepared-meal packaging to waste processing. The pumps are available in 102-mm (4-inch), 152-mm (6-inch) and 203-mm (8-inch) sizes, and constructed of stainless steel, consisting of only two moving parts and can pass solids as large as 15.2 cm (6-inches). The pump’s design complies with USDA requirements concerning the sanitary handling of food products.