Processing Magazine

Valve position monitor for diaphragm valves in the biopharm industry

September 5, 2006

As a complement to the company’s Pure-Floâ hygienic valve product line, ITT Pure-Flo recently announced the introduction of the Advanced Switch Package (ASP), which is a compact, full featured linear valve position monitor designed specifically for diaphragm valve applications within the biopharm industry. Modular in design, the ASP couples directly to the ITT Advantage or Advantage APA actuators, and is available in an array of combinations to meet most customer requirements. The ASP features fully integrated network capability, internal solenoid, sealed position sensors and commonly available connectorized wiring interface. These features are available in combination or separately as required, making the ASP a cost effective and flexible solution to the changing needs of the industry. When specified, the ASP uses embedded control systems to automate valves and link position feedback I/O to a Distributed Control System (DCS) or host PLC. AS- interface and DeviceNet protocols are available. Utilizing the benefits of network architecture, the ASP provides reduced installation costs by eliminating costs associated with individual local wiring and field connection labor.