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Variable Area Flowmeters Offer Custom Calibration

August 23, 2010
Variable Area Flowmeters (VAFs) are used to measure liquid and gas flow rates by means of a tapered tube and float. The flowmeters provide highly accurate measurement with individually calibrated scales and a 10 to 1 turndown ratio. The VAFs are factory calibrated and marked to indicate the specific media, flow range, and accuracy class. In addition, the product can be calibrated and marked to customer-specific applications. The company offers 10 variations of variable area flowmeters fitted with glass or metal measuring tubes. Swagelok G series models feature glass measuring tubes, which enable direct view of the process reading and flow at the meter. A miniature glass tube model, as well as a glass tube model with plastic end connections, is also available. For use in difficult operating conditions where pressure or temperature is a factor, the units are equipped with metal measuring tubes and mechanical or electronic displays. All models are easy to install and have no wearing parts to help extend product life. The VAFs are available with NPT and flange end connections in sizes from 1/8- to 1-1/4-inch. Available options include high/low flow indicators, transistor relays, and 4 to 20mA analog outputs.