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Vibration technology point level switch easy to install and use

May 24, 2005

The TF-100 series vibration technology point level switch has been added to the company’s extensive line of level measurement products. Its tuning fork provides a reliable, no calibration solution to point level measurement of clean liquids and is available with relay, current, or PNP outputs. The compact 316L stainless steel sensor is offered in both standard and sanitary versions. Typical applications include high- and low-level indication, overfill prevention, and pump "run dry" protection. The unit is inserted into a vessel so that the sensing element is positioned at the desired high- or low-level indication point. When the material level reaches a predetermined point on the sensing element, it causes a change in status in the electronic unit, resulting in an alarm output that can be used to operate alarms, annunciators, valves, or other controls or indicators.