Processing Magazine

Vibratory Sensor Equipped With a Universal Power Supply

January 26, 2010
The vibratory type sensor is a very reliable point level indicator that can be used in a wide variety of applications within the powder and bulk solids markets. The unit is ideal for bulk solids as low as 3.12 lbs/ft3 with a maximum particle size of 3/8 inches. The point level sensor has a universal power supply (20-255V AC/DC). The sensor also has many other useful features such as a single-element probe design, requires no calibration and a choice of probe configurations. The single-element probe design helps eliminate false signals that typically exist when material builds up between the tines of “tuning fork” style probes. The standard length of the inserted portion of the probe for the sensor is approximately 8 inches. Pipe and cable extension units are also available for longer lengths in top mounted applications. The pipe extension unit uses 1-inch stainless steel pipe to extend the vibrating sensor into the vessel, provides structural strength, and affords a means to secure the assembly to the vessel. The cable extension is a polyethylene coated steel cable.