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Weighted Blanket Captures Leaks Outdoors, Even in Windy Conditions

September 13, 2010
The oil-only weighted blanket features a hydrophobic polypropylene filler that absorbs petroleum-based liquids but no water. The blanket’s durable outer shell is guaranteed to resist UV rays for 12 months –even in the sunniest location– and repels water to preserve the efficiency of the filler. Heavy-duty seams form self-contained pockets within the blanket to maximize coverage area and keep the filler evenly distributed. Ideal for leaky transformers or areas where heavy equipment is parked, the blanket stays in place without blowing out of position or onto wires, capacitors or transformers. Ballasts provide extra weight and grommeted corners allow the blanket to be staked down. The oil-only weighted blanket helps to comply with 40 CFR 112.7 and 40 CFR 122.26