Processing Magazine

Weldable Tubing for Biopharmaceutical Applications

March 9, 2010

The high-quality tube is designed specifically to produce a connector-free fluid path that is quick, easy and secure. Capable of completely secure welding, the tubing allows for connector-free fluid paths to be assembled in just minutes. Its low internal spallation allows the tube to remain pristine and outlast other weldable tubing, making it more economical than alternative products, according to the manufacturer. The thermoplastic elastomer tubing contains no animal-derived components which could leach into precious duty fluids. With a high level of purity and clarity, the tubing is ideal for use in sanitary environments in pharmaceutical and biotechnology processing applications, from research to production including cell media and fermentation, sterile filling and dispensing, high-purity water transfer, vaccine production, fluid transfer and filtration. Meets full biopharmaceutical testing standards including FDA requirements and USP Class VI certification.