Processing Magazine

Winery Pumps Provide Portability in Transferring Must, Juice and Grapes

February 24, 2010

The pump provides gentle pumping action, portability, versatility and low total cost of ownership. The progressing cavity design of the pump smoothly passes fluids and suspended solids from cavity to cavity, ensuring that the transfer process has minimal impact on the sensitive product. Product features and benefits of the pump include: pumps up to 20 tons of must or whole clusters per hour; built-in auger feed eliminates the need for a separate feed mechanism, reducing purchase, maintenance and replacement costs; wide range of control options to meet specific customer requirements; mounted on a stainless steel cart with casters and a functional push handle for optimal portability; skid-mounted units available; open-throat hopper configuration can be matched to existing process system; and available in stainless steel. Typical applications include must transfer, stems and seeds removal, bottling, racking, yeast induction/removal and juice transfer.