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Worker safety enhanced with new bag dump dust collection system

April 25, 2006

Bag Dump Dust Collection System significantly reduces worker exposure to nuisance dust. A Sweco-engineered downdraft dust collection system helps protect the operator from dust produced by the screening process. The Bag Dump Dust Collection System is designed to work exclusively with the Sweco Bag Dumper, a proven system used to screen material at bag unloading stations. The Bag Dump Dust Collection System improves particulate containment by providing substantial vacuum below the bag dump screen rather than above. This pulls dust down and away from the operator, greatly improving airborne particulate flow into the collection system’s filters. The integrated system includes a high performance Low Profile Sweco Separator for high-capacity dry scalping. The Dust Collection System features 304 stainless steel construction, a hinged load door with dual-gas shock lifts, heavy duty fan assembly, dual non-woven spun-bond polyester cartridge filters, and an integrated pulse cleaning system.