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World''s first thermoplastic bridges capable of supporting over 70 tons

September 24, 2009
Axion International Holdings, Inc. a next-generation technology innovator utilizing recycled plastic for high load industrial products, publicly unveiled their high-load thermoplastic bridges designed from 100-percent recycled plastic at Fort Bragg, which are the first known structures of their kind to support loads in excess of 70 tons, according to the Business Wire. Following speeches by several experts in the field of corrosion control and installation management, an M1 Abrams tank, weighing over 70 tons, crossed the proprietary 100-percent recycled plastic bridge and performed a dead stop on the structure to demonstrate its load bearing capacity. To view the video of the military dedication ceremony, along with the demonstration of the M1 Abrams tank, please navigate to: The two bridges were commissioned by the military and built at Fort Bragg, NC in order to help facilitate troop movements, which were becoming more difficult using wooden bridges with substantially less load/weight capacity. Axion’s bridges are less expensive to maintain and are engineered to carry the extreme tonnage requirements for armored military vehicles that would simply not be possible with currently existing wooden bridges. Constructed from 100% recycled plastic, Axion’s two bridges transform waste products that would otherwise be land filled, they resist rot and damaging insects without the use of chemical treatments and require minimal maintenance throughout their lifecycles.