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X-ray inspection system meets large packaging requirements

May 12, 2008

Eriez’ advanced Model XR-41 is part of the company’s new line of E-Z Tec® X-Ray Inspection Systems designed specifically for larger packaged products. The XR-41 offers enhanced capabilities where multiple products and belt speeds are required. This system is ideal for foreign body detection of metal, glass, calcified bone, PVC and to inspect packages for mass and missing or defective objects. The sophisticated XR-41 features a 15-inch color touch screen, stainless steel construction and auto set-up. The XR-41’s external connectors can be networked as an SQL Client with full remote support facilities. For simplified operation, the XR-41 does not require frequent calibration. Six E-Z Tec XR models are available to fit practically any inspection need. All Eriez Inspection Systems use advanced linear array technology that is recognized in the industry for its sensitivity, speed and sophistication.