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Yemen Foils Attempt to Blow Up Pipeline

February 1, 2010
According to the Associated Foreign Press, police in Yemen are searching for a man suspected of trying to blow up an oil pipeline that carries crude to a Red Sea port, the interior ministry said. A police patrol tasked with protecting the pipeline found a man installing a fuse cable "usually used in explosives" near the main road in Jihanah, around 30 kilometers east of the capital Sanaa, the ministry said on its Web site. The patrol exchanged fire with the man who was wounded but managed to escape, leading to a manhunt. The pipeline carries crude oil from the Safer oilfields in Marib province around 350 kilometers east of Sanaa to an export terminal at As-Salif on the Red Sea. Yemen produces less than 300,000 barrels of oil a day, more than half of which is exported.