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New Adjustable Differential Pressure Alarm

January 27, 2011
New BDPA Series Adjustable Differential Pressure Alarm with built-in audible and visual set point indication is designed for overpressure, vacuum, and differential pressure applications. The scaled adjustment knob allows changes
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Compact Coriolis Flowmeter Ideal for Spraying, Coating Equipment

January 5, 2011
The Cubemass Coriolis flowmeter is a lightweight, compact flowmeter that is ideal for installation in spraying or coating equipment, engine test stands and process skids. Cubemass measures mass flow, volumetric
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Flowmeter Receives FM, CSA Approvals

November 3, 2010
The FM- and CSA-approved flowmeter is designed for process gas, fuel gas, inert gas, waste gases and air in small line sizes. The highly accurate flowmeter is designed small line
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Cost-Effective Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter

August 17, 2010
The flowmeter has 12 measuring chords, two of which are solely dedicated to diagnostic functions. Once commissioned, it continuously checks the operating status. The diagnostics in the flowmeter can reliably
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Coriolis Meter with Expanded Digital Communication Protocols

August 10, 2010
The compact Coriolis meters are enabled by connectivity to the enhanced core processor and transmitter, both powered by next-generation multivariable digital processing technology. The Coriolis product family is suitable for
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New Magnetic Flowmeters for Electrically Conductive Liquids

June 17, 2010
This new line of AC/DC powered meters offers high measurement accuracy for electrically conductive liquids in industrial applications. The flowmeters are best suited for measuring flow rates in water, heat
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Flowmeter Increases Plant Availability and Enhances Overall Safety

May 20, 2010
The flowmeter enhances online vortex sensor maintainability, while providing an added level of safety on critical applications. The vortex sensor in the flowmeter is isolated from the process, making it
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Hybrid Ultrasonic Flowmeters Measure Flow in Doppler or Transit Time

May 19, 2010
The hybrid flowmeters have the ability to measure fluid flow using either Doppler or Transit Time methods. Additional features include: Non-invasive clamp-on transducers; Custom metric algorithms and DSP technology ensures
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Flowmeter Eliminates the Need for Expensive Laboratory Analysis

March 30, 2010
The density flowmeter provides on-line measurements, eliminating the need for extensive and expensive off-line procedures and laboratory measurements. A built-in density calculator can be end-user customized with complex tables
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Low Cost, Non-Intrusive Ultrasonic Flowmeter Ideal For Pipe Flow Measurement Applications

March 25, 2010
The flowmeter is designed for non-intrusive pipe flow measurement utilizing a pair of clamp-on, advanced design ultrasonic transducers to measure flow from outside the pipe. The flowmeter’s high +1 percent
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