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Sizer-screening technology

August 15, 2012
Mogensen Sizers have now demonstrated success with more than 400 reference materials. The application-specific approach has proven Mogensen to be successful from aluminum to zinc. The newly established trial
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Fine Mesh Screener

August 2, 2012
Triple/S Dynamics, Inc. announces the acquisition of the Longhorn line of vibratory screeners. Unlike typical vibrating screens that shake the entire screen box, the Longhorn moves only the screen
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Sizer Technology with Improved Features

February 7, 2012
Mogensen has recently improved several features of its sizer. The output ports have been redesigned for material flow optimization and also feature larger inspection ports and fixed fastenings. The vibration
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Coalescers Speed Liquid Separations

January 3, 2012
For a wide variety of liquid/liquid separations in oil and gas, wastewater, hydrocarbon recovery, caustic treater and distillation tower applications, AMISTCO® Separation Products coalescers serve to increase capacity and speed
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Sanitary, Quick-Clean Centrifugal Screener

July 14, 2011
New Centri-Sifter® centrifugal screener features a three-bearing shaft that cantilevers for quick removal of internal components. External roller bearings located at the motor end of the shaft and on a
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Five Deck Tumbling Screener Features Pneumatic Deck Lifting Option

January 27, 2011
Minox Tumbler Screening Machines have three-dimensional gyratory motion and unique screen cleaning devices. The Five Deck Tumbling Machine screens six different separate fractions while achieving high yields. This unit machine
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Sanitary Lump Breaker Has Side Removal Screens

November 2, 2010
The all-stainless, low profile sanitary lump breaker reduces agglomerates and friable materials being discharged from process equipment, storage vessels and shipping containers. Material entering the 15-inch square inlet is reduced
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Two-Bearing Centrifugal Screener Cantilevers for Quick Cleaning

May 12, 2010
The new medium capacity centrifugal screener features a cantilevered shaft with two, externally-mounted bearings between the screening chamber and motor drive, allowing all internals to slide freely from the shaft
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High-capacity screener has 360 degrees oversize discharge

December 22, 2009
The 60 inch diameter screener with "External Kascade" deck is intended for screening of wet or dry bulk materials containing a large percentage of oversize fractions, at higher rates
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Lightweight compact strainer allows maximum flow

October 27, 2009
Normal 0 0 1 87 501 4 1 615 11.1282 0 0 0 A revolutionary new all-aluminum strainer designed with a unique self-leveling float system makes drafting possible under
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