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Industrial Oval Gear Meters for Demanding Applications

February 23, 2011
The Model IOG oval gear flow meter is available in two different construction materials — aluminum with liquid crystal polymer gears (for petroleum, non-acids, oil, paint and ink applications); and
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Compact Handheld Meters for Fast Results

January 18, 2011
The Oakton pH 6+ Meters feature up to five-point, push-button calibration with auto-buffer recognition, and easy-to-use display of pH or mV, and temperature. The Ion 6+ Meters offer a direct
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Volumetric Feeder for Versatile Metering

December 16, 2010
The high-performance Volumetric Feeder incorporates two independently-driven metering augers with a dual agitator flow-inducing mechanism to provide highly versatile metering and hoppering capabilities over an exceptionally wide feed range. Suitable
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Battery-Operated Mag Meter With Go Anywhere Design

December 14, 2010
The M-5000 Mag Meter is a battery-operated, general-purpose detection mag meter in a stand-alone package. Suitable for a wide range of utility and industrial applications, the M-5000 is ideal for
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Weatherproof Pulse Process Meter

October 27, 2010
The weatherproof, UV-resistant, large, dual-line display allows for more information, making it easier to read and simpler to program. The intensity of the display can be adjusted allowing the meter
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Measure Vibration Over All Levels

October 6, 2010
The unit works in combination with the manufacturer’s vibration meter to measure vibration level according to ISO 10816-3 international standard. The RMS velocity value is wirelessly transferred and stored back
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Economical Meters Meet GLP Requirements

September 21, 2010
The meter offers superior, oversized displays with a bright backlight and dynamic stability indicator. The meters conveniently stamp all calibration and stored data with the time and date, meeting
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Stainless Steel Plug-And-Play Compact Shaft Tachometer

July 27, 2010
The loop-powered, stainless steel analog shaft tachometer requires no user calibration. The compact tachometer is only 18mm in diameter. The unit reliably detects magnetic pulses from a rotating shaft-mounted pulser
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Anemometer/Thermometer Measures Air Velocity in Five Values

March 16, 2010
The unit measures air velocity in five user-selectable values: meters per second, feet per second, miles per hour, kilometers per hour, and knots. It also displays: maximum airflow measured, temperature
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