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Compact Flow Switch Monitor Optimized for Process Analyzers

March 23, 2010
The analyzer flow switch is a small, lightweight instrument featuring superior low flow sensitivity, a choice of electronic outputs and a no-moving parts design that ensures maximum reliability. It is
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Static Monitoring System Protects in Explosive Atmospheres

February 23, 2010
The FM and ATEX approved systems constantly monitor Type C containers (SuperSacks) and similar containers, ensuring that the containers’ anti-static features are within the correct specifications and achieving a constant
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Furnace Camera HD Enables Clear, Direct Video Monitoring, Recording

February 15, 2010
High-temperature video camera system is specifically designed to be mounted directly through the wall of a furnace, kiln or other combustion chambers. The new Furnace Camera HD provides process engineers
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Redesigned automated septage receiving system filters trash before plant entry

August 3, 2009
The automated septage receiving system uses a combination of grinding, solids removal, washing and dewatering to remove unwanted trash before septage is allowed to enter a wastewater treatment plant. The
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Gear flowmeter ideal for oil industry

July 8, 2009
The positive displacement spur gear flow meter is specifically designed to maintain high-accuracies at very low-flow rates, even with low-viscosity liquids. This is important to engineers designing systems requiring
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Analog expansion console monitors multiple bins with less equipment

June 22, 2009
The Analog Expansion Console enables monitoring of multiple bins equipped with sensors from a single C-100 Control Console, offering the benefits of significantly reducing the amount of equipment needed
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New programmable control module for digital mass flowmeters

May 26, 2009
New programmable control module, the Compod™, coupled with Sierra’s Smart-Trak® mass flow meters (MFM’s) and controllers (MFC’s), greatly simplifies basic flow control installations and permits networking of multiple instruments using
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Low cost tube pump ideal for low- to medium-viscosity fluids

May 4, 2009
The tube pumps are ideally-suited for liquids of low- to medium-viscosity. Chemically-resistant tubing materials and new peristaltic pump head technology combine to meet the demands for reliable, long-term pump
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