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Sensors with Super Shield Housing Ideal for Long-Term Use in Harsh Environments

May 6, 2010
The company has improved the design of its linear-position sensors for longevity in harsh environments, by adding a super shield housing option. Ordered as an integrated package with R-Series
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Sensors Detect Small Metal Objects in Material Handling Applications

April 26, 2010
The ring and tube inductive proximity sensors detect small metal objects used in material flow applications such as feeder processes and parts counting. Metal parts such as rivets, screws,
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Repeatable, Reliable Distance Measurement PRT-Based Sensors

April 13, 2010
The sensors are ideally-suited for use in applications where standard background suppression sensors reach their maximum range, or where a long range sensor with a small light spot is required. These
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New Laser Displacement Sensor

April 6, 2010
The new laser displacement sensor provides a 392 kHz sampling rate that’s eight times faster than previous models, ±0.02-percent full scale linearity and 0.01µm repeatability, according to the manufacturer. More
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Digital Thermometer for RTD Sensors

February 22, 2010
The rugged, splash-proof, 316 stainless steel enclosure is designed specifically for washdown, sanitary or marine applications. Models are available with or without integral standard or sanitary sensors. Low-power operation
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Pressure Sensors for Pneumatic Applications

February 10, 2010
PQ Series pressure sensors are designed for pneumatic applications typically found in robotics and material handling applications. The sensors precisely measure the full range of pressure and vacuum typical in
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Vibratory Sensor Equipped With a Universal Power Supply

January 26, 2010
The vibratory type sensor is a very reliable point level indicator that can be used in a wide variety of applications within the powder and bulk solids markets. The unit
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IP69k-rated sensors detect objects regardless of color

January 5, 2010
The IP69K-rated laser distance sensors feature corrosion resistant stainless steel housings. The sensors feature a PMMA front screen that is safe for use in food and beverage processing and are
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Sensor allows commercial vehicle users access inclination information via interface

December 16, 2009
The inclination sensors are available with a custom interface allowing users to easily configure and monitor the incline or tilt angle of machine elements or equipment platforms in single
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Acoustic wave level transmitters with Smart card

November 23, 2009
These powerful and effective instruments emit an acoustic wave pulse, which is then reflected from the surface of the material being measured. The reflected signal is processed using specially developed software
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