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Non-contacting flowmeter available for difficult liquids

January 26, 2009
The flowmeter measures flow from outside a pipe. The strap-on ultrasonic sensor mounts on any pipe ½" in diameter or larger. The unit is designed for “difficult” liquids like wastewater,
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Ultrasonic sensors fit into tight spaces

January 14, 2009
The sensors offer simple push-button programmability, and feature user-selectable beam widths to provide reliable detection over a wide or narrow area. They provide an 800mm sensing range with a
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Omega Frequency Control matches flow to demand

October 22, 2008
Omega Frequency Control (OFC) for positive-displacement blower packages is ideal for wastewater, food and grain processing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing applications. Kaeser has engineered complete, state-of-the-art frequency drives designed to
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Liquid-level transmitters for use in variety of industries

October 20, 2008
M-Series Level Plus® liquid-level transmitters are now being used in sump applications for numerous process industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and oil & gas. The M-Series transmitters provide accurate
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Indicator Lights provides solution for remote sensors

October 15, 2008
The rugged EZ-LIGHT™ Audible and Segmented Indicators feature multi-colored, long-lasting LEDs, deliver a convenient solution for displaying the status of remote and inaccessible sensors and minimize the need for costly
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Confined Space Entry monitor for measuring gas hazards

October 6, 2008
The Triple Plus + features a better and larger display, Windows Software, extreme durability, and floats if dropped in water. Simultaneously monitors, displays, and alarms for one to four
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Magnetostrictive technology offers reliability and durability over time

September 29, 2008
MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Division''s Temposonics® R-Series linear-position sensors provide reliability, durability and consistency in machine tooling applications due to the absolute position inherent in magnetostrictive technology. Temposonics position sensors
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MTS Sensors’ monitor petroleum shipments for superior accuracy

September 24, 2008
MTS Systems Corp. Sensors Division is providing its MG Level Plus liquid-level transmitters to Truman Arnold Companies (TAC) of Caddo Mills, Texas, to measure and monitor its daily shipments of
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Sensor provides accurate level detection in plastics

September 15, 2008
TURCK introduces the new BCC capacitive sensor series, specifically designed to provide accurate level detection in the plastic industry. The BCC series features excellent EMC and ESD immunity, allowing the
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Sonar transducer improves sensing of interface levels in clarifiers, thickeners

August 11, 2008
The new line of “fourth generation” sonar transducers is designed for improved sensing of interface levels in clarifiers and thickeners. The new sensors offer improvements in overall power, penetration and
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