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Field- proven, non-contact sensors available in bolt-on housing

October 7, 2009
Normal 0 0 1 75 429 3 1 526 11.1282 0 0 0 The cost-optimized sensor integrates a standard sensor inside a versatile and rugged thick steel mechanical package,
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Pressure sensors approved for Hydrogen pressure measurement in hostile environments

September 3, 2009
This digitally compensated pressure sensor has the accuracy and construction to meet the expectations of the Hydrogen pressure measurement market. The sensor is packaged with an SAE-3 or SAE-4
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ORP sensors and pH sensors enhance chemical compatibility

August 3, 2009
The ph/ORP sensors feature a unique foul-proof connector and robust sensor body, providing expanded chemical compatibility for use in a wide range of applications. The threaded process connection design
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Economical ultrasonic level transmitter ideal for Wastewater Industry

June 11, 2009
The continuous ultrasonic level transmitter is introduced to meet specific level or open channel flow measurement needs of the North American industrial and municipal markets. The ultrasonic transmitter provides
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Optical oxygen measurement improves beer quality

May 20, 2009
Optical oxygen sensor for brewing applications helps to minimize waste of beer and reduce maintenance costs with rapid and accurate measurement of dissolved oxygen. The residual oxygen level has
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Robust vibration limit switch provides maintenance-free level sensing

March 4, 2009
The sensors are insensitive to material build-up, external vibration and flow noise, and have no mechanical moving parts for reliable, maintenance-free level sensing of bulk solids materials. Specifically designed
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Portable flow transfer standard can be used for manifold control

February 26, 2009
Instead of removing flowmeters from service for recalibration, the unit allows users to "bring the calibrator to the flowmeter." This affordable, documenting field flow calibrator is intended for in-line
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Transducer advances affordable pressure monitoring

February 18, 2009
The transducer effectively combines economy, performance and durability into a compact, state-of-the-art pressure monitor. With a static accuracy of ±0.25%FS @ 21°C, modern digital temperature compensation ensures a Total
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Combined vortex flowmeter for steam, gas and liquids

February 16, 2009
The vortex flowmeter series is equipped with a temperature sensor and an optional pressure sensor. Through the combination of these sensors into one unit, the vortex principle is used
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Rugged and reliable flowmeter great for heavy industrial applications

February 11, 2009
The enhanced design expands the processes and applications where the unit can be installed. The manufacturer’s gas technology makes it the industry’s only multi-gas capable Industrial Mass Flow Controller,
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