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Precision Temperature Control

March 15, 2012
The new TC Series Circulating Water Baths from Brookfield Engineering are uniquely configured for use with Brookfield viscometers and rheometers. The New TC Series features a number of improvements including:
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Operator Workstations for Hazardous Environments

March 6, 2012
Pepperl+Fuchs VisuNet IND SlimLine Operator Workstations have received Zone 2 certification for use in hazardous environments. This certification adds the VisuNet SlimLine to a large list of Pepperl+Fuchs globally certified
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Threaded Proximity Sensors

February 29, 2012
SoftNoze USA announces new model numbers and an expanded line of Block-style Mounts, fabricated from Delrin® plastic. The BM-PT models are designed to help machine builders and control professionals quickly
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Dual Display Fiber Amplifier

February 28, 2012
The new DF-G1 Expert™ Dual Display Fiber Amplifier from Banner Engineering is designed to deliver stable sensing performance with easy set-up and configuration. The DF-G1 series features a thermally stable
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Controller with Ultra High Speed CPU

February 23, 2012
The Yokogawa Corporation of America is proud to announce the newest addition to the FA-M3 PLC family, the Vitesse Controller. The FA-M3 has been designed and is best known for
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Compact Inverter

February 22, 2012
The new Sinamics G120C from Siemens Industry, Inc. is a compact inverter designed for various industrial applications such as pumps, compressors and fans, as well as mixers, extruders, conveyor belts
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Industrial Vacuum Pressure Regulator

February 16, 2012
The Precision Controls Division (PCD) of Marsh Bellofram Corporation has announced the global market introduction of the Type 77 industrial vacuum pressure regulator series. The Type 77 is a
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Heavy Duty Transducers

February 15, 2012
The new Honeywell PX2 Series of Heavy Duty Transducers are highly configurable and durable, with a wide pressure range, so customers can easily select the optimum form factor and functionality
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Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector

February 15, 2012
The Gassonic Observer-H Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector from General Monitors is ideal for gas leak detection in pressurized systems. The new Gassonic Observer-H features HART communications, Modbus with single and
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Event Data Logger

February 14, 2012
The OM-CP-EVENT101A event data logger from OMEGA interfaces to tipping bucket rain gauges and other devices with TTL pulse or contact closure output. It features a 10-year battery, 4 Hz
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