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Low Pressure Transmitter for HVAC Comfort Control Systems

June 30, 2011
The CXLdp low pressure transmitter is specifically engineered to provide stable, reliable static or differential pressure measurement in HVAC comfort control systems. A small housing and multiple mounting options allow
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Portable Wireless Borescopes

June 23, 2011
New series of wireless Borescopes feature a wireless probe which can operate the instrument anywhere without a cable. The HHB1800 is completely portable and has a strong metal lens sleeve.
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Precision Micro-machined Silicon Transducers and Transmitters

June 15, 2011
The new PXM409 Series precision metric calibrated micro-machined silicon transducers and transmitters have an exceptionally high industrial grade accuracy of 0.08 percent and are supplied with a 5-point NIST traceable
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Five-Way Adjustable Limit Switch Style Sensors

June 14, 2011
The 5-Way Adjustable Limit Switch Style Sensors are designed for 10-30 VDC operation. The active sensing face of the sensors can be adjusted for front, top, bottom, left, or right
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High Precision Magnetostrictive Level Sensors

June 9, 2011
The new XT-1000 series of magnetostrictive continuous level sensors for OEM and end user applications features highly accurate continuous level measurement in lengths from 8 inches to over 13 feet.
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Enhanced Operator Interface Control Console for Continuous Level Sensors

June 2, 2011
The latest version of the HMI2 control console provides local operator interface for the company’s continuous level sensors. The HMI2 has two RS-485 networks, with a capacity of 16 sensors
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High Accuracy Differential Pressure Transmitter

June 1, 2011
New Series HADP High Accuracy Differential Pressure Transmitter combines low ranges with stability, reliability and an accuracy of ±0.14 percent FS. All models come with NIST certificates, and are available
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Wireless Relative Humidity/Temperature Transmitter

May 19, 2011
UWRH-2-NEMA is a wireless relative humidity transmitter that features a stand-alone, compact battery-powered NEMA design that transmits measurements back to a host receiver up to 120 meters away. This unit
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Smart Inventory Monitoring Sensor is MODBUS-Ready

May 16, 2011
The new inventory monitoring sensor features Hall-effect sensing techniques and a direct MODBUS serial communication output. The Model WC Smart Inventory Monitoring Sensor is a third generation weight and cable
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Domeloaded Pressure Regulators Permit High Flows

May 9, 2011
RHPS series domeloaded pressure regulators permit high flows and exhibit less droop than spring-loaded designs in controlling the pressure of liquids and gases, according to the the manufacturer. The domeloaded
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