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Sensors with Super Shield Housing Ideal for Long-Term Use in Harsh Environments

May 6, 2010
The company has improved the design of its linear-position sensors for longevity in harsh environments, by adding a super shield housing option. Ordered as an integrated package with R-Series
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EPA Compliance and Maintenance Planning Software for Baghouses

April 28, 2010
The software provides process visualization, report generation and remote services. It interfaces with the company’s range of diagnostic baghouse controllers, intelligent pulse jet timers, particulate monitors and filter leak/broken bag
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Portable Pressure Calibrator with Both Pneumatic and Hydraulic Calibration

April 27, 2010
The dual portable pressure calibrator with built-in hand pumps, offer both pneumatic and hydraulic calibration capabilities. According to the manufacturer, the calibrator is an ideal site tool for checking the
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Sensors Detect Small Metal Objects in Material Handling Applications

April 26, 2010
The ring and tube inductive proximity sensors detect small metal objects used in material flow applications such as feeder processes and parts counting. Metal parts such as rivets, screws,
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Vane-Operated Flow Switch with Magnetic Linkage

April 22, 2010
The new and innovative vane-operated flow switch is an inexpensive switch that is ideal to start and stop electronic operated equipment when flow or no-flow conditions occur. Magnetic operation is
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Cost-Effective Data Tracker System

April 21, 2010
The system integrates bar coding, scan and software tracking of each part and batch, including all leak test, functional test and lifecycle test data related to each component. The system
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3-Axis Fiber Laser Marker

April 14, 2010
The unit delivers a full 30 watts of power directly on the target surface ensuring that dense, hard metals can be permanently marked and etched.The ultra-small head offers the smallest footprint
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Repeatable, Reliable Distance Measurement PRT-Based Sensors

April 13, 2010
The sensors are ideally-suited for use in applications where standard background suppression sensors reach their maximum range, or where a long range sensor with a small light spot is required. These
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Non-Clogging Pressure Transmitter for Dust Collectors

April 7, 2010
Non-clogging pressure transmitters are for all types of dust collectors, baghouses and powder processes. Designed as a reliable alternative to typical tube style gauges that clog, the non-clogging pressure transmitters
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Intrinsically Safe Temperature/Humidity Data Logger

April 6, 2010
The series accurately records temperatures that range from -40 to 185 degrees F. The easy-to-use software makes retrieving data simple and allows for user selectable sampling rates. The instrument can
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