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In response to more stringent field calibration needs

December 1, 2012
Beamex is awarded for its MC6 Advanced Field Calibrator and Communicator, introduced in February, because it combines advanced functionality and accuracy with usability.
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Portable VOC Monitor

November 20, 2012
To help detect dangerous levels of VOCs indoors or outdoors, Casella CEL has introduced its new VOCpro™ battery-powered, portable VOC monitor. Using sensitive Photo-Ionization Detection (PID) technology the VOCpro
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Analog to Digital Signal Converters

November 15, 2012
NK Technologies’ ADC Series Analog to Digital Signal Converters readily accepts analog signals from up to eight loop or separately powered current, voltage, temperature or any other parameter sensor,
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Honeywell acquires Saia Burgess Controls

October 24, 2012
MINNEAPOLIS — Honeywell has agreed to acquire Saia Burgess Controls, a leading provider of intelligent building controls, from Hong Kong-based Johnson Electric for $130 million, the company announced today.
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Germanow-Simon Corp. completes $3.25-million facility upgrade

October 18, 2012
ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Germanow-Simon Corp. recently celebrated the completion of a $3.25-million upgrade to its facilities in Rochester, N.Y. The goals of the construction project, which started in September
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Temperature Data Logger

October 17, 2012
The OM-CP-RTDTEMP101A is part of a new series of low cost, state-of-the-art data logging devices. The OM-CP-RTDTEMP101A offers a 10-year battery life, a one-second reading rate, a multiple start/stop
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Ultrasonic Level Transmitter for Liquids

October 16, 2012
The Series ULL Ultrasonic Level Transmitter for Liquids is a direct-install level transmitter designed for non-contact measurement of solid levels. The ULL utilizes ultrasonic technology paired with automatic temperature
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Ultrasonic Controllers

September 11, 2012
With one-millimeter (0.04-inch) measuring accuracy, the Sitrans LUT400 series ultrasonic controllers from Siemens Industry Automation Division offer high accuracy and ensure consistently precise measurements. The compact, single point ultrasonic
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Clamp-on Process Meter

September 6, 2012
The CL420 Clamp-on Process Meter from Yokogawa Corp. of America will safely measure 0-120 mA DC process control signals without breaking the loop. The CL420 is ideal for applications
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Economical Mass Flow Switches

September 4, 2012
Using compact design and simple installation, Micro-tuf II® Mass Flow Switches detect mass flow rate of liquid or gas as well as level in all vessels. This unique technology
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