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Multi-wavelength Infrared Temperature Sensors

May 30, 2012
Williamson Corporation’s Pro 100 and Pro 200 Series multi-wavelength infrared temperature sensors are ideal for a multitude of industrial applications where devices such as thermocouples and RTDs would be
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Phase Monitor for Supercritical and High Pressure Fluids

May 24, 2012
The SFT Phase Monitor II is a powerful tool for determining the solubility of various compounds and mixtures in supercritical and high-pressure fluids. It provides direct, visual observation of
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Vibration Meter

May 23, 2012
Discover the reliable, repeatable and accurate way to check bearings and overall vibration. The Fluke 805 Vibration Meter features an innovative sensor and sensor tip design that helps minimize
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Software displays real-time data on simulation flowsheets for the first time

May 15, 2012
Process engineers can now compare simulation results to historical and real-time data on a simulation flowsheet, says Aspen Technology in announcing a new release of aspenONE software that it
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IO-Link Master Module

May 10, 2012
WAGO Corporation’s 750-675 4-Channel IO-Link Master module simplifies integration, configuration and management of intelligent sensors and actuators. Utilizing the IO-Link Standard jointly developed by prominent industrial suppliers, WAGO 750-675 eliminates
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Industrial Gas Standards Generator

May 8, 2012
KIN-TEK’s Span Pac™ “I” Industrial Gas Standards Generator uses Trace Source™ permeation tubes to produce precise, accurate calibration gas mixtures with concentration traceable to NIST. Concentrations from low ppb to
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Moisture Analyzer

May 3, 2012
From ketchup to moisturizing cream to paint, the moisture content of materials is a decisive factor in determining product quality — especially in substances with an extremely high moisture content.
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AS-Interface Accessories

May 2, 2012
Pepperl+Fuchs’ G10 AS-Interface Accessories take up 6% less space than the previous design, enabling them to fit within the smallest spaces. They also feature Connect & Done technology to eliminate
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Researcher finds security flaw in industrial control operating system

April 26, 2012
SAN FRANCISCO — A security researcher found that RuggedCom, a company that makes equipment and software for critical industrial control systems, planted a backdoor login account in its flagship
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Sampling Pump Module

April 26, 2012
The new SM100 Sampling Pump Module from General Monitors draws combustible or toxic gases at 0.05 to 1 LPM from monitored areas to a gas detector, making it easier and
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