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Mixing & Blending

Double Planetary Mixers Improve Efficiency

June 6, 2011
Double Planetary Mixers incorporate more clean design features to help users improve the efficiency of high viscosity mixing processes. Traditionally equipped with rectangular-shaped paddles, double planetary mixers move batch material
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Static Mixer Injects Multiple Chemicals

June 2, 2011
Compact in-line static mixer injects multiple chemicals, has a short laying length, and saves up to 70 percent over the cost of conventional static mixers in a wide range of
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Portable Sanitary Mixer Creates High Flow with Low Shear

April 20, 2011
Portable, all-stainless steel sanitary mixer can be supplied with a variety of motor, shaft and impeller options to match specific customer requirements. The All-Stainless Steel Portable Sanitary Mixer creates a
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Multi-Shaft Mixer for Pastes, Gels, Slurries

April 14, 2011
New VersaMix Multi-Shaft Mixer is designed for producing pastes, gels, slurries and other viscous formulations. This mixer design is composed of three independently-driven agitators working in tandem. The high-speed disperser
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Streamline Scale-Up with Pilot-Scale In-Line Mixer

March 29, 2011
A bench top In-Line mixer, the Verso is ideal for pilot-scale or laboratory applications. Controlled from a digital operating touch pad, it offers excellent reproducibility when scaling up, and with
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Laboratory Mixing System for In-line Process Development

March 10, 2011
New in-line multi-component laboratory pilot system is designed for blending multiple streams of fluids and manufacturing homogeneous emulsions, dispersions and blends. The system for in-line multi-component process development is suitable
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New Mixing System and Dispersion System

January 24, 2011
New mixing and dispersion system combines a Ross high shear mixer and a specially designed PowerMix for use in manufacturing fine dispersions. The two mixers are mounted on a common
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New High Shear Vacuum Mixer

January 3, 2011
New bench-top model has been added to the company’s line of high shear rotor/stator mixers. The mixers are ideal for dispersion, emulsification, homogenization and particle size reduction. The new LCI-V
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Mixers Ideal for IBC, Tote Applications

October 21, 2010
The mixers are ideal for IBC and tote applications found within the wastewater treatment and chemical industries. They are available in both, electric and air driven models. Explosion proof models
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Redesigned Double Planetary Mixer and Discharge System

September 29, 2010
The mixer is typically used for the mixing and dispersion of viscous materials. The follower plate discharge system is then used to press viscous non-flowing materials from the planetary mixer
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