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Multi-purpose Lab Mixer

January 14, 2013
Charles Ross & Son Co.’s new multi-purpose laboratory mixer model, the HSM-100LCI-T, is offered with interchangeable mixing attachments.
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Bench Top Lab Scale Mixer

September 19, 2012
The Sharpe SSLM Series Bench Top Lab Scale Mixer features a stainless steel 1/2 HP lube-free air motor that operates at speeds to 2000 RPM and can accommodate vessels
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Laboratory Mixing System for In-line Process Development

March 10, 2011
New in-line multi-component laboratory pilot system is designed for blending multiple streams of fluids and manufacturing homogeneous emulsions, dispersions and blends. The system for in-line multi-component process development is suitable
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Enclosed Laboratory Dual Shaft Mixer

August 25, 2010
The Laboratory Dual Shaft Mixer is designed for operation to 15-psig internal pressure. The new model is completely enclosed. All components are shrouded for safety and to enhance the overall
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New laboratory dual shaft mixer

April 4, 2007
New dual-shaft design incorporates a special helical agitator and high-speed dispersion blade. The new combination of agitators provides improved axial and radial turnover of the materials being mixed, as well
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