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Piping, Tubing, Hoses & Fittings

Heavy Wall Convoluted Hose Offers Improved Vacuum Resistance

May 4, 2011
PTFE convoluted open pitch, heavy wall hose assemblies have a heavier wall (up to 33% more PTFE) than a typical convoluted hose, according to the manufacturer. The hose assemblies can
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New Pump Tubing for High-Purity Applications

April 5, 2011
Pharmaceutical, biotech, and general-purpose laboratories now have a new high-performance, high-purity tubing to use with their pump systems. The Puri-Flex™ Pump Tubing is non-DEHP and contains no animal-derived components. It
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Push-to-Connect Fittings in Acetal and Brass

March 21, 2011
Easy-to-use Newloc® push-to-connect fittings are available in acetal copolymer and brass. Both are stocked in popular sizes and styles and allow quick connections to rigid and semi-rigid tubing such as
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Co-Extruded Plastic Tubing Offers Cleanliness, Flexibility

February 2, 2011
Polyethylene-lined EVA tubing is a co-extruded tubing that combines the functionality of polyethylene with the flexibility of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), and is used in applications such as food and
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Three- and Four-Branch Tees Simplify, Speed Cable Tray Wiring

January 25, 2011
The h-style (3-branch) and H-style (4-branch) M16 tees are ideal for saving valuable field installation time and hassle in comparison to hard-wired cable tray installations. The tees are available in
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Bonded Hoses Increase Hose Life

October 28, 2010
Bonded hoses in twin-line and multi-line configurations eliminate the problem of tangling in multiple hose applications. Bonding hoses improve the management of the hose and increase the overall strength, eliminating
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Split-Ring Bearing Protection Ring with Conductive Epoxy Mounting

July 28, 2010
Developed for fast, easy field installation without detaching coupled equipment, the Split-Ring kit offers long-term protection of AC motor bearings from electrical damage, providing a path of least resistance and
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Thermal Bonding Eliminates Cumbersome Bundles of Tubing

July 21, 2010
The thermally bonded tubing joins lengths of reinforced and unreinforced tubing of similar material using heat, not leachable adhesives or solvents, for an orderly arrangement. This ribbon of tubing is
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Fittings Prevent Leakage into Sample Systems, Enclosures

June 7, 2010
Introducing three captured O-ring feed-through and bulkhead fitting products for use in process analyzer sampling and electronics enclosures. The feed-through and bulkhead fittings are designed for the prevention of air,
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PVC Tubing Lined with Hytrel® Suitable for Both Food and Industrial Applications

June 1, 2010
The Hytrel-lined PVC tubing is designed to provide the flexibility and durability of PVC with the unique properties of Hytrel. The tubing is useful in applications where different performance is
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