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Pumps & Seals

Low-cost metering pump re-engineered for added durability

June 11, 2009
The progressive cavity metering pumps feature a rotating unit made from "super tough" nylon. The material is virtually unbreakable, is more resistant to abrasion than stainless steel, and runs
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Durable, UV-resistant drain protection

May 18, 2009
The Drain Cover is designed to seal out liquid while providing life-long flexibility, chemical resistance and protection against UV rays. Ideal for quick spill response or long-term, outdoor deployment,
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Small capacity pump consumes less energy

May 11, 2009
The industrial liquid ring pumps and compressors are engineered from the ground up to meet the widespread needs of the process industry. This latest model rounds out the manufacturer’s
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Progressing cavity pump handles wide range of processes

April 27, 2009
The versatile, high-performance progressive cavity pump is designed to handle a wide range of applications from shear-sensitive chemicals to difficult-to-process slurries and sludges. The pump features the highly acclaimed crowned
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Durable submersible water pump for pumping stations

March 11, 2009
The submerged wastewater pump is flexible in a way that few pumps in its class can match. When sized correctly, it offers you a solution that is optimized to
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Self-priming pump with deep-lift and fast prime capabilities

March 4, 2009
The centrifugal pump is the largest self-priming model in the line with lifts up to 25 feet and fast priming time of up to 18 feet in 90 seconds,
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Corrosion-resistant diaphragm process pumps ideally equipped to handle aggressive gases

March 2, 2009
Corrosion-resistant diaphragm process pumps provide ideal solutions for sampling, transferring, evacuating, or compressing aggressive gases in a wide range of challenging industrial applications. These electrically operated and oil-free pumps
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Improved clamp with overlap design

February 4, 2009
Introducing a new, tighter-fitting clamp from the originator of clamp-together ducting. The innovative overlap design creates downward pressure on all 360 degrees of the seal. This uniform force creates
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All-plastic diaphragm valves engineered to provide superior handling

December 3, 2008
New line of diaphragm valves provides superior handling of difficult media such as corrosive fluids, abrasives or slurries, and can also be used for high purity and sanitary applications. Available
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Iris Diaphragm Valve, quick and quiet

November 5, 2008
Mucon ADP Series Iris Diaphragm Valve is the latest in powered Iris Diaphragm Valve technologies. Available with either a pneumatic or electric motor it is fitted with open, closed
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