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Do You Feel Under Appreciated?

March 19, 2012
On April 10, to recognize the work of organizations and individuals that purchase, operate and maintain pumps, ITT Goulds Pumps will host the first Pump Appreciation Day. The event organizers
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Pumps Facilitate Slurry-Handling in Solar-Cell Applications

April 7, 2011
The E-Series Air-Operated Diaphragm (AOD) pumps made of polyethylene (PE) provide the operational advantages and reliability during the wafer-creation phase of solar-cell manufacture, where a cutting liquid known as “slurry”
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Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm Pumps with Bolted Design for Paint and Coatings

March 14, 2011
The Advanced™ Metal Series AODD Pumps are available in a bolted design, providing paint and coatings operators with superior containment of products during the manufacturing and transfer of paint and
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Company Receives Patent for Air Distribution System

November 4, 2010
The air distribution system has been designed to offer operational flexibility in many diverse applications. This flexibility is achieved through the presence of the state-of-the-art Efficiency Management System, which optimizes
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High Pressure Pumps Handle Challenging Pump Applications

June 30, 2010
The pump is designed to reliably transfer viscous, solid-laden slurries at high discharge pressures by utilizing a 3 to 1 pressure ratio of inlet air supply to discharge fluid. Available
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Compact Stainless Steel Triplex Plunger Pumps

January 28, 2010
The new stainless steel triplex plunger pumps feature corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel liquid-ends. The pumps are designed for pumping liquids like seawater in small SWRO installations, DI water for misting
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Cast-Iron AODD Pumps Ideal in Waste-Transfer Applications

January 26, 2010
The AODD pumps feature the performance capabilities required for use in waste-transfer applications. The pumps are 4-inch pumps that can safely and efficiently handle solids as large as 1-3/8-inch, which
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