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Valves & Actuators

Pivot Disc Action Extends Valve Life

April 24, 2012
When space and price are the major factors in valve selection, Val-Matic’s Dual Disc Check Valve, with its compact wafer design and low cost is a popular choice. The Dual
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High-Force Servo Linear Actuator

March 15, 2012
Tolomatic’s IMA55 high-force servo linear actuator is now available with an optional roller screw that boosts its thrust capability to 6,875 pounds force (30,470 N). In addition, a new compact
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USDA Rotary Valves

March 1, 2012
GEA Nu-Con rotary valves are specifically designed to comply with USDA requirements and offer several distinctive features to meet the demanding requirements of the dairy industry, according to the manufacturer.
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Silent Check Valve

February 29, 2012
Val-Matic’s® Silent Check Valve is the preferred selection for silent operation, low headloss and cost savings. The valve’s short linear stroke and specially-designed spring return action combine to close the
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Smart Positioners with HART Communication Protocol

February 21, 2012
The Series 185 Smart Positioner takes a 4 to 20 mA input signal to accurately control the valve stroke of linear valves. The Series 285 Smart Positioner also takes
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New Brass Ball Valves

February 9, 2012
The Series DBV Brass Ball Valve is an economical yet durable hand lever ball valve, with a 600 psi (41 bar) WOG. Made of a quality brass, the ball valve
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Ruggedized, High-Performance Fiber Optic Cables

February 8, 2012
Optical Cable Corporation’s 10 Gigabit multimode, ruggedized tight buffered fiber optic cables are designed to withstand harsh industrial environments found in manufacturing plants, steel mills, petrochemical refineries and chemical plants.
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Clean-In-Place Rotary Airlock Valve

January 24, 2012
Designed specifically for sanitary applications, the Quick-Clean Series of rotary airlock valves from ACS Valves aids in regulatory standards and practices compliance; reduces cleaning and sanitizing time; and simplifies inspection,
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Mini Brass Ball Valve

December 21, 2011
The series MVB Mini Brass Ball Valve from the W. E. Anderson Division of Dwyer Instruments Inc. is an economical yet durable brass ball valve, with a working pressure of
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New Generation Cone Check Valve Series

November 8, 2011
GF Piping Systems has introduced the new generation Type 561/562 Cone Check Valve and the Type 591/595 Vent and Bleed Valve Series featuring a new spherical cone shape design that
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