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Improve production performance with orifice gate valve

May 22, 2008
Eliminate production inefficiencies and frequent valve maintenance with the patent-pending Quantum Series Orifice Gate, a leading edge valve designed specifically to handle dry bulk solids in gravity flow, dilute phase,
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New high temperature butterfly valve to be introduced at PTXi

May 5, 2008
Posi-flate is introducing a high temperature valve featuring an inflatable seat at the PTXi show in Chicago. The valve is capable of continuous operation at temperatures up to 650°F (350°C)
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New butterfly valve for easy system expansion without shutdown

May 21, 2007
GF Piping Systems has introduced the new corrosion-resistant Type 568 Lug Style Butterfly Valve. The new valve’s lug style design is intended specifically for dead-end service and fully pressure rated
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