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Brazil ramps up plastics resins imports

September 23, 2013
Due to Brazil's rapidly growing industry, demand for plastics and plastic resins is continually growing, leading to a rising volume and value of imports.
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Total plans to increase hydrocarbon resins, polymer production in France

September 13, 2013
French oil and gas giant Total will invest EUR160 million to convert its Carling petrochemical platform by 2016 and plans to close the naphtha cracker during the second half of 2015.
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China increases paraxylene capacity

September 5, 2013
One of China's biggest refiners, Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical, is planning to invest 20 billion yuan ($3.27 billion) in a new paraxylene project with a capacity of 1 million tons.
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US petrochemical industry set for growth in 2013

August 26, 2013
Although not expanding at an astonishing rate, the U.S. chemical and petrochemical industries are experiencing steady growth, a report from Business Monitor International indicates.
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Prospects look good for global ethylene oxide, ethylene glycol markets

August 8, 2013
Global demand for ethylene oxide and ethylene glycol is predicted to remain on a steady upward trajectory in the next five years.
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Honeywell's UOP to revamp Japanese petrochemical facility

August 7, 2013
UOP LLC, a Honeywell company, has been selected by Taiyo Oil Co. Ltd. to supply technology and catalysts to improve operational flexibility and increase petrochemical production at Taiyo's Shikoku Operations in Ehime, Japan.
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Air quality concerns may delay petrochemical expansion in Texas, experts say

July 23, 2013
Projects for new petrochemical plants on the U.S. Gulf Coast worth billions of dollars may be delayed or even blocked as a result of a set of more stringent air quality regulations implemented in the Texas industrial region.
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U.S. companies join forces to produce bioplastic packaging from methane

June 25, 2013
U.S. bioplastics manufacturer NatureWorks LLC and energy company Calysta Energy are bent on developing a commercially viable method to convert methane into lactic acid, a key feedstock for producing bioplastic packaging.
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US petrochemical industry growth drives demand for skilled workers

May 23, 2013
More than $217 billion will be invested over the next six years in downstream petrochemical production in the United States as a result of the shale gas boom that is boosting the U.S. petrochemical industry.
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Global petrochemical producers rethink strategies to remain competitive

May 22, 2013
Most petrochemical businesses have already come to the realization that the U.S. natural gas-based feedstock is giving those who use it a great advantage in terms of costs.
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