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Food Industry Update

India needs to develop food processing potential, industry group says

A new report predicts that the country could attract $33 billion of investment over the next decade, boosting the national economy and securing high profits.
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Frozen bakery market to maintain steady growth through 2018

The combination of convenience and changing lifestyles will continue to drive expansion in the frozen bakery segment, with annual growth projected at 7.1% between 2012 and 2018.
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Plastics to remain dominant in US beverage container market

By 2017, the market for beverage containers in the United States is predicted to reach a volume of 265 billion units at a total value of $29.1 billion.
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Use manufacturing intelligence to find value in process-control data

It’s better when you can see the forest, trees of greatest interest and relevant woodland conditions
It’s often the case that if you are manufacturing something, whether food, beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals or anything process-based, you are collecting and managing large amounts of data.
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Federal government shutdown leaves hundreds of food facilities uninspected

A vast majority of inspections at food manufacturing and processing facilities have been suspended as a consequence of the federal government shutdown.
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Golden State Foods acquires KanPak U.S.

Irvine, Calif.-based food processor and distributor Golden State Foods has acquired controlling interests in KanPak U.S., a supplier of beverages and desserts using aseptic processing technology.
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Transparent packaging good for small foods, opaque better for bigger foods

Consumers show a preference for transparent packaging of food products over opaque packaging options for certain food categories, but when it comes to healthy foods they tend to shift away if those are offered in clear packages, results from new research suggest.
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Global processed meat market to reach $799 billion by 2018

Fueled by rising demand for high-quality and ready-to-eat meat products, the global processed meat market is predicted to expand by a compound annual growth rate of 14.3 percent over the next five years, reaching $799 billion.
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Multi-facet characterization quantifies humidity’s impact on food powders

What you need to know when developing a moisture-control strategy
For many dry foodstuffs the ingress of even small quantities of water can compromise product performance. Granular foods — such as instant coffee, sugars and gravy granules — can all change, with the uptake of water, from relatively free-flowing, easily manageable powders to a far less desirable clumped or even solid mass. Knowing when — and to what extent — to control moisture depends in the first instance on understanding how a powder responds to humidity.
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Cargill to install new automated distribution system at Kansas beef plant

U.S.-based meat processor Cargill is to invest $48 million in its beef processing plant in Kansas in an effort to deliver better service to its customers.
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