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White Papers

Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying vs. Flexible Screw Conveying

Art or Science? The choice between dilute phase pneumatic conveying and flexible screw conveying is not always clear. The final selection comes down to balancing the pros and cons
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Improve Flow Accuracy and Reduce Costs: Putting Smart Flow Conditioning Practices to Work

Find out how you can increase your plant's productivity and reduce its operational costs. Focusing on flow measurement can result in significant monetary savings, potential product quality improvements and
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The New K-Tron Bulk Solids Pump

Static Electricity-The Hidden Danger in Hazardous Areas

Remove Water and Particulate Contaminants from Oil Efficiently

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sight Glass: Application Handbook

The Safest Way to Calibrate: An introduction to intrinsically safe calibrators

There are industrial environments where calibrations should not only be made accurately and efficiently, but also safely. When safety becomes a top priority issue in calibration, intrinsically safe calibrators
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Asking the Right Questions About Cartridge Dust Collection

Over the past decade, cartridge style dust collectors have overtaken baghouses as the preferred technology for dust collection for the processing industries. Combining high efficiency filtration with compact size and
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Improving the Cleaning Cycle in Baghouse Collectors

The dust collector has been around for many years. The generic pulse jet baghouse in particular has been around since 1963 and the cleaning cycle has not changed much
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Bin Level Indication Applications in the Plastic Processing Industries