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White Papers

Transitional Flow Effects on Flow Meter Measuring Accuracy

Vortab flow conditioners are widely recognized and applied in flow metering applications to correct the unpredictable effects of flow profile shifts caused by limited straight-run, upstream pipe geometry changes
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Flow Meter Selection for Improved Gas Flow Measurements

As the costs of fuels and consumables, such as natural gas, hydrogen, and oxygen, continue to rise, the ability to accurately measure the amount used in a process becomes
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Increasing the Economy of Biomass Flow Control with Tailor-made Solutions

Pressure Regulators vs. Backpressure Regulators...Finding the "Balance"

Pressure Control Valves are the quiet workhorses in a piping system, but their proper application is often misunderstood -- even the various names and descriptions can be confusing. Here''s a
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LPP Pumps Reduce Environmental Burden and Cut Down Life-Cycle Costs

During the last decade the importance of environmental awareness has risen dramatically and industrial operators must consider the consequences of their actions on a larger scale. The innovative Larox Peristaltic
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Total Cost of Feeding Reveals Surprising Economies

Advanced Solutions for Process and Plant Gas Flow Metering

The ST100 is an all-new thermal dispersion technology gas flow meter that combines feature- and function-rich electronics with the industry''s most advanced flow sensors to achieve a truly state-of-the-science flow
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Considering a Mobile Milling System

Powder Processing Systems for Temperature Controlled Grinding

Complete Guide to Industrial Screening Applications

Screen separators are used to remove foreign or other unwanted material from product flows. They can classify dry bulk solids ranging from chunks to fine powders.
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