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Hoffman Revolution Blower Continues Tradition of Innovative Design

The Hoffman U.S. Machinery Division was established in 1905 outside of East Syracuse, New York. The initial product was an exhauster for the dry cleaning industry - pulling a
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How Food Producers can Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency in their Wastewater Treatment System

This article outlines six steps to follow in designing, installing, and starting up a storage vessel that successfully handles your bulk material under your operating conditions.
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How to Reduce the Energy Usage of your Dust Collection System

Online Condition Monitoring of Pumps

Selecting a Bulk Bag Discharging System

Bulk Bag and Drum Discharging System

Custom Container Discharging Solutions

Custom Engineered Container Dumping Solutions

Material Master Powerfill Bulk Bag and Drum Filling System

Lean Manufacturing in Powder Processing