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Feeling the Heat

Six important factors manufacturers must consider when heating drums and totes
Manufacturers throughout the process industries have traditionally utilized a variety of methods to heat their drums and totes, including band heaters, immersion heaters, steam jackets and homemade, in-plant hot rooms.
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Water chlorination challenge solved with new sanitizing option for processing plant

A poultry processing plant switched its process water chlorination strategy from gaseous chlorine to calcium hypochlorite for a test period. The results brought significant effectiveness and efficiencies to the plant.
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Can’t Take the Pressure?

Industrial processes working under other than atmospheric pressures, have typically required (mandatory) measures to assure a safe operation.
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Advanced High Performance Epoxy Adhesives Revolutionize Structural Bonding

What are the factors to consider when you need to maximize adhesive bonding performance?
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How to Evaluate Chemically Resistant Adhesives

Master Bond’s paper offers a guide to evaluating and selecting adhesive products exposed to harsh chemical environments.
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How often should instruments be calibrated?

Most process manufacturing plants have some sort of maintenance plan or schedule in place, which ensures that all instruments used across the site are calibrated at the appropriate times.
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FPI Mag™ Flow Meter: Next Generation Mag Meter A Tool for Leak Detection

The Next Generation Mag Meter is just that, a mag meter! In fit and form the FPI Mag is unique; in function the FPI Mag meter is just that – a mag meter. The important note here is that the FPI Mag is unique.
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Selecting a Bulk Bag Discharging System

The most critical items to consider when selecting a bulk bag unloading system are the unit’s capabilities and quality. From a distance, the appearance and design of most bulk bag unloading systems look the same, however the benefits and capabilities are generally not.
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Pumps Provide Superior Abrasive Handling, Significantly Lower Maintenance

Progressive cavity pumps are often selected because they are better than many pump types for moving viscous media at lower velocities and typically have low pulsing flow. However, Masterflex pumps easily handle abrasive materials without seals, stators, rotors or other moving parts in the product stream.
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