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Meeting Cluster Rule Bleach Plant Requirements Using the RotaBed™ Fluidized Bed Scrubber

The USEPA recently promulgated a new set of regulations for the Pulp and Paper industry. Called the “Cluster Rule”, the EPA sought to combine both air and water regulations into one all encompassing regulation.
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Flowrox Announces New Technology to Manage Pipeline Scaling

Flowrox, a global leader in heavy-duty industrial valve manufacturing and service, is introducing the Flowrox Scaling Watch, a new product designed for the precise measurement of scale in pipelines and other fluid control environments.
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High Temperature Resistant Adhesives Beat the Heat

Selecting the right adhesive product for extreme temperature applications may seem as straightforward as reading temperature resistance values on data sheets.
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Water is Money! How Larger Flow Meters Speak Volumes

Water is money! The price of water is increasing all over the world; due to this the water industry wants the highest accuracies possible on the methods of flow measurement used.

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Better Polymer Preparation & Feed Brings Improved Efficiency & Safety

A fully automated dosing and blending system provides reliable, performance-based polymer make-up for critical coal combustible byproduct disposal.

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How to Evaluate Chemically Resistant Adhesives

This article examines the importance of exposure variables, chemical interactions, testing, and includes practical suggestions of procedures on how to avoid generalities in the selection process.
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Get the BIG PICTURE on the Latest Developments
Make smart, fully informed decisions about this daunting and difficult application.
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Feeling the Heat

Six important factors manufacturers must consider when heating drums and totes
Manufacturers throughout the process industries have traditionally utilized a variety of methods to heat their drums and totes, including band heaters, immersion heaters, steam jackets and homemade, in-plant hot rooms.
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Water chlorination challenge solved with new sanitizing option for processing plant

A poultry processing plant switched its process water chlorination strategy from gaseous chlorine to calcium hypochlorite for a test period. The results brought significant effectiveness and efficiencies to the plant.
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Can’t Take the Pressure?

Industrial processes working under other than atmospheric pressures, have typically required (mandatory) measures to assure a safe operation.
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