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White Papers

Filtration to Protect Chiller from Fibrous Debris

Combining the air scrubbing effect of a cooling tower with fibrous organic debris from processing and you have a recipe for chiller problems. Solving this dilemma requires an engineered design
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Measuring Methane-Based Digester Gas Flow In Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wastewater treatment digester gas systems, as well as other biogas applications such as landfills, are challenged by wide flow variations, dirty and wet gas, and a potentially explosive gas.
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Improve emulsion stability through ultra-high shear mixing

´╗┐Today, ultra-high shear rotor/stator designs are available that can improve emulsion stability of certain formulations.
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Apply high speed powder induction to eliminate dusting in the mixing area

Select a powder induction mixer that can serve multiple mix tanks of virtually any size

5 ways a laboratory double planetary mixer can save you money

Shorten your dissolution time by switching to a multi-agitator mixer

Hybrid planetary mixers produce high viscosity mixtures with ultra-fine dispersion quality

Use of powder induction mixing technology can significantly reduce raw material costs

Accelerate bulk powder dispersion into liquid