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White Papers

Process Area Barrier Curtains

Process Area Barrier Curtains are a useful tool in improving the containment levels in existing installations as a method to reduce operational exposure risk and to restrict access. Examples
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Digester Biogas Flow Measurement

Find out how the engineers at a municipal wastewater treatment utility expanded their biogas digester system and sought an improvement over their existing, maintenance-intensive flow metering technology.
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Application Considerations for Continuous Level & Inventory Monitoring of Powder/Bulk Solids

V-Cone Flow Meter Solves Nuclear Lab Underwater Measurement Problem

NRG Lab in the Netherlands found itself in a fix when a vortex flowmeter it relied on needed replacement. The model used was no longer in production. An advanced differential
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Is Lime Souring Your Valve Operation?

Why Alignment: Reliability starts with precision shaft alignment

Machinery reliability requires precision shaft alignment. About 50% of vibration based damage to rotating machinery is directly related to misalignment. Well aligned machines reduce operating costs by increasing mean time
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Thermo Scientific Masterflex Pumps Ensure Precise, Repeatable, and Flexible Pharmaceutical Production

Besides requiring precise liquid metering, dosing and transfer, virtually all pharmaceutical and biotechnology research, development and production processes demand sterility, fluid isolation and zero contamination potential to assure a high
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Wellhead Metering Using V-Cone Technology

This paper describes the McCrometer V-cone D.P. meter as currently used by the Oil and Gas industry in the role of wellhead injection and allocation metering in on-shore, topside
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Moving Difficult-to-Handle Bulk Materials with Flexible Screw Conveyors

Flexible screw conveyor systems can be engineered to transport bulk materials that tend to pack, cake, smear, break apart or fluidize, and can prevent the separation of blended products. Several
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Liquid Level / Interface Monitoring in Flocculant / Sludge Control

Measuring and controlling the mixture of wastewater effluent, flocculants and sludge is essential to efficient water treatment. The level/interface instruments that support the process liquid measurements must be capable
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