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Dryers & Evaporators

Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryers

Vibrating fluid bed dryers and coolers from process equipment manufacturer The Witte Co. are designed to permit free, unimpeded access to the entire drying system to allow the thorough interior cleaning required to effectively prevent cross-contamination.
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Conveyorized Tunnel Oven

Grieve’s No. 1006 electrically heated 350°(~177°C) gravity roller design, conveyorized tunnel oven is currently used for drying precipitate in pans. This Grieve oven features 4-inch insulated walls, aluminized steel
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Circular Fluid Bed Drying System

Kason Corp.’s new Vibro-Bed™ circular fluid bed drying system increases operating efficiency, cuts cleaning time and reduces cost. Inherent rigidity of the circular fluid bed processing chamber exceeds that
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Separator Filter Dryer

The SKF Separator Filter Dryer (SFD) system introduces an ideal solution for removing water, contaminants and oil vapor from compressed air and help realize improved pneumatic equipment performance, reduced
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Vacuum Dryers

Rota-Cone Vacuum Dryers are an effective and economical solution for many solids drying applications. The clean internal design provides complete product discharge and easy cleanout. Vacuum drying lowers the evaporation
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