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Energy-efficient Equipment

Google to Invest in US Offshore Wind

October 12, 2010
Reuters reports, Google Inc has thrown its financial clout behind a proposed 350-mile underwater electric cable off the U.S. East Coast that could form the backbone of a grid carrying
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Lease Signed for First Major Offshore Wind Farm, Cape Wind

October 7, 2010
U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar formally signed the nation''s first lease for a major offshore wind project, reports Reuters. The lease for the $1 billion Cape Wind wind farm
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Snack Food Manufacturer Reduces Waste Water Treatment Costs and Goes Green

September 24, 2010
A privately held snack-food manufacturer in the Midwest expected to increase production of potato chips by 20%, to about 72 million pounds a year. While more potato chips would mean
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GE’S Wind Turbines Cutting Diesel Generation in Alaska

September 23, 2010
Wind turbines supplied by GE are helping the city of Kodiak, on Kodiak Island off the southern coast of Alaska, reduce its use of diesel fuel and lower its energy
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Colorado Wind Turbine Maker Plans to Hire 1,000

July 15, 2010
The Associated Press reports Vestas Wind Systems announced it will hire more than 1,000 people at three Colorado plants that manufacture wind turbine components after receiving a surge of orders
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Green Water Chemistry for Cooling Towers

May 21, 2010
RE-Ox is a non-hazardous maintenance additive that completely disinfects and de-scales cooling towers and condenser loops. Parasitic loads can add as much as 10 percent to chiller operations energy costs,
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Green Electrodes Meet Environmental Standards

May 20, 2010
The market RoHs and WEEE compliant electrodes are available in a variety of styles, including refillable and low-maintenance versions. The sensors are free of lead, mercury and other hazardous substances
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Resinous Floor System for Green Concrete

April 22, 2010
The system offers the benefits of two resinous floor systems in one. Its base coat features a built-in moisture mitigation system that tolerates up to 12 lbs. of moisture vapor
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Bio-renewable resins used in molding components for pharmaceutical industry

April 15, 2009
As the demand for Bio-Renewable materials rises, one company has begun molding components for the pharmaceutical industry using bio-renewable resins. The U.S. Green Building Council, and their LEED™ initiative
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“Go Green” with an economical hopper/mini silo for dry bulk materials

March 30, 2009
A proprietary new dry bulk hopper mini silo system comprised of one or more reusable containers now enables companies handling dry bulk materials to initiate a “Go Green” program
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